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Cooking Classes Italy
Cooking Classes Italy
Courses of painting

The Atelier del Gusto organizes courses of painting on cloth, glass, lacquering, decapature aging and decoration of wood (on little objects and furnitures).

6 hours with 2 lessons of painting glass and cloth
18 hours with 6 lessons of lacquering, decapature aging and decoration of wood.

To this courses, available always during the year, there are the courses for foreigns with a specific program and a time according to different needs of the students. And the lesson will be smaller respect to the normal courses.

Cooking Course

First Level - basic course with 20 hours of lesson
this course is very important for the inexperienced people. We teach the cooking techniques, the ingredients, the tools, the sauces, the starters, Main dishes with meats and fish and dessert.

Second level - medium course with 20 hours of lesson
his course deepens the basic course. It's possible to cook elaborate recipes with specific attention to dishes on the table. Combination with the wines.

Third level - intensive course with 30 hours of lesson
the course is dedicated to students with cooking experience, to those who want to add "something" more to their culinary knowledge and be more professionally trained, leaving nothing to chance.
We explain the different types of Meal: lunch with the family, with guests and standing buffet.
Menu for: important breakfasts, gala lunch, breakfasts, lunch and.
More attention to the combinations of wines. Cooking experts and enology will take part to the course.

First level - basic course with 20 hours of lesson
after a historical introduction on french cuisine, we will explain the basis of french cook considering the basic sauces, the souffle, the casseroles, the stuffed pasta, the major sauces, the roux. ecc.
Background on french wines.

Second level - intensive course with 30 hours of lesson
this course deepens the basic course with the realization of important and elaborate recipes.
Two lessons will be dedicated to Flambé cuisine with traditional and elaborate recipes.
Specific lessons on the cheese. The wines will be studied.

12 hours of lesson

- Fish and shellfish
- Red and white meat
- Light cuisine
- Vegetarian cuisine

12 hours of lesson

The courses will be a general exposition on the recipes of chosen Region and we will cook the recipes of chosen Region. Combination with Regional wines.

6 hours of lesson

6 hours of lesson

6 hours of lesson

9 hours of lesson

6 hours of lesson

8 hours of lesson

The courses will be preceded by medical explanations.

20 hours of lesson
The course teaches the basic pastry and its use in the sweet pastry. Then we will show the chocolate sweets, leavened pastries, puddings.

The course introduces the wonderful world of irresistible small sweets.

20 hours of lesson
The course explains the cooking of the sweets during the major Festivities as All Saints Christmas and Easter: Pan de' Santi, Panettone, Ricciarelli, Cavallucci, Panforte, Cantuccini, Colomba.

20 hours of lesson
- All Saints
- Christmas
- New Year
- Easter
The course is for all landladies who, during the important occasions, will show their ability to cook a good meal, from aperitif to dessert with excellent recipes. The recipes will be tuned to specific party.

12 hours of lesson
Very special course, which treats a valuable document of the ancient gastronomy and shows a series of recipes taken from ancient national books, handwritten with care, by some great-grandmother at the beginning of the 19 century.
We'll show you how it was to eat in the days when the kitchen was really an art.

20 hours of lesson
20 hours of lesson
20 hours of lesson

Different historical course will be established with the students.


Livia works with professionals and experts of enogastronomic and historical sectors and popular traditions.
In addition to the normal courses there are cooking classes for foreigns of 3-2-1 days, depending the stay of the tourists in agriturismo or holiday houses.

The courses are in english, spanish, french and german.

Contact us for informations, details and news to the numbers 0577 289216 - 377 4221093 or to the email:

Luccica il grano e si fa oro smagliante,
ombreggia il cipresso sulla co llina solitaria
Esplosione di luce, sensazioni frementi,
il respiro diventa trepido affanno.
La gioia trasforma in puro diamante
l'ultima lacrima sulle mie ciglia

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Cooking Classes Italy

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